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The facilities and amenities provided at the Carissa Homes East 2A are unique and meant for offering convenience and comforts to residents. It mainly focuses on providing satisfying real estate solutions to Filipino residents. The facilities are all modern with cutting-edge technology. For the price paid, you get real estate value on this property. 

It is provided as per the Filipino standards and the goals and visions of the Bria Homes Inc. Real Estate Company. So if you are looking out for an affordable, convenient, secure, relaxing and natural haven to live in, then this is the place for you and your family to reside at. Take a closer look at all the features and amenities available here. 
This residential home is provided with leisure amenities like a small swimming pool for residents to have a leisurely swim as well as to socialize with other residents living here. Children too can play around and swim here. It is provided with 24-hour security around the swimming pool to ensure that no mishaps happen here during your swims. This is the perfect spot for you to spend your time at if you are looking for some fun and relaxing time.
There is also a small garden in the front where you can do your morning meditation or deep breathing exercises. You can also go jogging out on the jogging tracks provided here. The garden is also the perfect spot for you to spend some relaxing moments at the end of your tiring day. 

Another major feature is its excellent security system. All the common areas of these residences are subjected to constant surveillance. The main entrance, as well as the side gates of these residential properties, are manned by security personnel from time to time. The security system provided here is 24 hours. This is to ensure that your family is protected well and is safe and secure within the confines of these residential areas while you are not there. Though this area is not known for violent crimes and other sorts of physical dangers and harm, yet the utmost care and caution is taken so as to prevent unwanted dangers and injuries. There are CCTV cameras installed at all places and at every nook and corner. This neighborhood is safe, friendly and crime free.  

The developers of these residential homes have also made provisions to ensure that your kids are not left roaming idle looking for some fun time and freedom. So they have provided for a small children's play area where children of all ages can play around and explore things. The area is safe and free of hazardous things that can injure them and cause injuries. These areas are also provided with CCTV cameras and security to ensure their safety. 

Apart from the facilities and amenities provided above, every residential unit is provided with Air conditioning units and air circulation units to circulate the air with crisp fresh air. Each residential unit is also provided with cable connections which are connected to every television set at home as well as fast and well-connected internet connections to get you access to other parts of the world, with your fingertips. Each unit is designed specifically to suit your lifestyle. Every unit is also provided with a mailbox for easy access to postal letters and each resident is provided with a personal mailbox key. This is done to ensure complete privacy and security over your mails and letters coming in. 

The entire residential unit is also provided with 100 percent electricity back up facilities. So that there need not be any worries regarding electricity cuts and blackouts, leaving you completely in the dark.


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